All Star Fences: Guardrails

While beautiful, living in the Western North Carolina mountains with all its narrow roads, twists and turns, and steep ledges can be a harrowing experience for both drivers and those with a building in a precarious location.

Whether as a protective railing for a residential or commercial site, or as a safety barrier for drivers, guardrails can be a driver’s or building’s primary safety measure and should be treated accordingly. A well constructed and professionally installed guardrail can provide the peace of mind that a challenging location has been made as safe as possible.

With over five generations of experience, All Star Fence can ensure you have the guardrail best designed for your area. We use only the highest quality materials to ensure our final product can stand up to wear and tear and stop a heavy impact which may pass through a lesser quality barrier.

Since every location is different, we offer a variety of guardrail types for you to choose from. The most common are: galvanized guard rails, custom wood guardrails and solar guardrails.

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