All Star Fence: Painting and Staining

Even the best quality fences and decks require a facelift or update sometimes, so let the fencing and decking experts at your local Asheville fence company, All Star Fence, make sure the job is done right.

Experience the better option. Where a regular painter would likely just slap some paint or stain on and call it a job well done, the experts at All Star Fence are able to go a step beyond. Pressure washing reveals a rotting board? Instead of just covering it up with a coat of paint or stain, we are able to professionally replace the board and make any other necessary repairs. This ensures the quality of the final product and saves you money and future headaches.

Let All Star Fence make your fence and deck look like new again!

Call us today for your:
  •  Fence painting or staining
  •  Deck painting or staining
  •  Fence or deck pressure washing
  •  Fence or deck repair or replacement
… and any other fencing or decking improvements!
Call us today to see what we can do for you!